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Promise me bracelet - green

Colorgold plated

The braided bracelet made of silver and silk, combines the lustrous elegance of silver with the soft and luxurious texture of silk. The bracelet features delicate strands of silver interwined with vibrant silk threads, creating a harmonious contrast of materials.

     The silver strands add a touch of sophistication and shine, while the silk threads bring a pop of color and a gentle, tactile sensation against the skin. The unique combination results in a stunning piece of jewelery that is both visually appealing and comfortable to wear, making it a versatile accesory for various occasions.


1. **Cleaning**: 

   - For the silver components, use a soft cloth to gently polish and remove tarnish. Avoid abrasive materials.

   - Silk can be delicate, so if it gets dirty, use a damp, clean cloth to gently blot and clean it. Avoid rubbing vigorously.

2. **Storage**: 

   - Store the bracelet in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight to prevent tarnishing of the silver and fading of the silk.

   - Consider storing it in a jewelry box or in the original pouch to protect it from dust and scratches.

3. **Avoid Exposure**: 

   - Keep the bracelet away from chemicals, perfumes, and lotions, as they can damage both the silver and silk.

   - Remove the bracelet before swimming, showering, or engaging in activities that might expose it to moisture.

4. **Wear with Care**:

   - Be gentle when putting on and taking off the bracelet to prevent stretching or tearing of the silk.

   - Avoid wearing the bracelet in situations where it could get snagged or caught on something.

By following these care instructions, you can keep your Promise me bracelet looking beautiful for years to come.

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Promise me bracelet - green

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A collection that inspires your creativity

Promise me...that you will play with them

The magic lies in the ability to combine these bracelets to create a truly
personalized look. You can stack them, layer them, creating a cascading
waterfall of textures and colors.

What's truly enchanting about this collection is the way it encourages you
to express yourself. You can mix and match to match your mood, style, or
occasion, making each day a new canvas for self-expression. It's not just
jewelry, it's a reflection of your unique personality.


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