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The story behind REVEE Collection

Please meet my grandma, Revenica. She shared with me the beauty of these handmade treasures, and I brought all this art nowadays

The old table in my grandma's house served as our sanctuary, where secrets of the craft were whispered from one generation to the next. I was always watching her fingers moving with a graceful precision as she meticulously shaped silk or wool into stunning works of art.

watch me now...

Little did I know then that my greatest passion will begin from here... Now, I blend the traditional techniques learned from my grandma with my own artistic vision, creating a brand that celebrate the timeless beauty of Romanian craftmanship. Each piece I create is telling a story, just as my journey. In the heart of Transylvania, my handcrafted jewelry business is a testament to the enduring legacy of family, tradition and artistry.

Handcrafted in Romania using the finest italian silver, our pieces are meticulously created using time-honoured traditional techniques, passed down through generations. Each item on the site reflects the rich heritage of Romanian craftsmanship and the elegance of Italian silverwork, resulting in the unique and breathtaking jewelery that tells a story of artistry and culture.

Warning: this jewelry contains handcrafted wonders

Feels like second skin

Handmade with the utmost care and precision. Its design integrates with your body, feeling as natural as a second skin. When you wear it, the necklace rests gracefully against your skin, comforming to your contours, and as you move, it moves with you, crating a sensation of unparalleled comfort and intimacy. This exquisite piece is not just jewelry, it's an extension of your being, an artistic expresion of elegance and individuality.

Story time:

The Promise me bracelet

A bracelet that symbolizes a promise is often reffered to as a "promise bracelet" or a "friendship bracelet". These braceletes are typically made by hand and are often associated with meaningful promises or commitments. This is what we wanted to recreate with our Promise me bracelet. The act of making the double knot, signifies the intention to keep the promise made while wearing it. It's a common tradition among friends or couples to exchange and wear these bracelets as a visible reminder of their commitment and bond. The symbolism of the double knot is simple yet powerful, signifying the strenght of the promise and the importance of keeping it.

So...just make the knot and keep the promise.

The community we create

The jorneys of small businesses are woven into the very fabric of a community, interdependent and deeply connected.It's a remarkable dance where entrepreneurs and their supporters move in harmony, sustaining each other in a delicate ecosystem of commerce. Every vibrant smal business ecosystem is a testament to the idea that we're all in this together, that support is the lifeblood of entrepreneurship, and it's what makes communities thrive. In the end, the success of small businesses is a testament to the power of collective support and the connection of our shared journey


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