Meet Andra, the creative head and designer of our handcrafted jewelry brand. She is the bridge between every design and her dedication to both the artistry and personal connection that defines our brand.

Story time

How it started

How it's going

The old table in my grandma's house served as our sanctuary, where secrets of the craft were whispered from one generation to the next.
I was always watching her fingers moving with a graceful precision as she meticulously shaped silk or wool into stunning works of art.

Little did I know then that my greatest passion will begin from here...
Now...I blend the traditional techniques learned from my grandma with my own artistic vision, creating a brand that celebrate the timeless beauty of Romanian craftmanship. Each piece I create is telling a story, just as my journey. In the heart of Transylvania, my handcrafted jewelry business is a testament to the enduring legacy of family, tradition and artistry.


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